Globally, we are undergoing the 6th mass species extinction, in a relatively short period of time. We need to take dynamic action so that we can heal, save, and restore the only home we will ever have – Earth . A group of thought leaders, mostly from Texas, have begun designing a complex where humankind can systematically, collaboratively, and thoughtfully tackle these challenges. This facility, the EcoPlex, will be home to a community of leaders made up of scientists, researchers, established businesses, and entrepreneurs. Together they will provide an anchor to the global sustainability community, raising new standards for solving these life-threatening planetary problems. The facility will have world-class research labs, collaborative workspaces where science and industry can meet and develop ecologically safe products, where industrialists and environmental activists can work side-by-side, classrooms and meeting spaces where global leaders can meet, and a museum where visitors can visit and learn first-hand about the fragile planet they live on – but also, the exciting efforts undergoing to save our “home.” The EcoPlex team will embrace a collaborative and holistic approach that prepares the next generation of thought leaders; develops strategies to sustain our natural resources; creates disaster-medicine plans to mitigate the threat from super-germs and vector borne diseases; develops interest in bio/enviro- sciences; and promotes innovative and accessible technologies designed to help turn the tide on the impending climate disaster. The EcoPlex will be a “hive” where all parts of the community – industry, energy Interests, and nongovernmental organizations can come together to develop sensible, win/win solutions.