Five Pillars of the EcoPlex™ 1. EcoAccelerator: The Center for Innovation and Applied Solutions™ will merge science with business. We will Identify, evaluate, and showcase innovations that have commercial promise. It will encourage industry and entrepreneurs to share the goals of transforming our environment. 2. EcoCollaborator: The Earth EpiCenter™ will be a shared office complex where industry, environmental organizations, and scientists can collaborate on developing solutions for tomorrow’s environmental challenges. The EcoPlex will be a “Living Laboratory” dedicated to showcasing, promoting, and investing in new sustainable technologies. The complex will house five major centers for sustainability. 3. EcoSandbox: The National Environmental Museum™ will be our nation’s first-ever museum dedicated exclusively to the environment. Hands-on exhibits will help visitors become aware of our environmental challenges and learn how to live, work, and play in a sustainable world. 4. EcoSecurator: The Center for Global Resilience™ will focus on two main missions: Ensuring that humanity does NOT cause a global environmental catastrophe and educate our society to manage climate change and the existential threats it causes. 5. EcoSustainer: The EcoLeaders Institute™ will educate and advance promising young talent into leadership positions within the global sustainability community.