EcoPlex Pillars Flyer

transforming minds , industry , and the environment Transforming Minds, Industry, and the Environment Come join us, as we establish in the United States the first: • National Environmental Museum • International Environmental Complex • Physical Center for Collaboration in the United States • National Sustainability Incubator • EcoLeaders Institute We need you, the world needs you… Why should all this matter to you? The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. – Robert Swan Our Story We were founded by business and community leaders concerned about our home – earth. We were all concerned that too many organizations are operating in silos, that tremendous inefficiencies exist, that America is falling behind in technology, and that the government cannot provide reliable leadership in this area. We felt that more practical education about our home is needed and that too much conflicting information exists. We seek to change these things. We know that real transformation can occur if we bring all these forces together – innovation, collaboration, and education. We combined Eco (Greek word for “home”) with Plex (Latin root for “a figure given power”) to make the EcoPlex. Copyright 2021 EcoPlex