EcoPlex Pillars Flyer

(800) 311-3373 voice Info@EcoPlex.US five pillars of the EcoPlex ™ Five Pillars of the EcoPlex™ The EcoPlex is a revolutionary, futuristic “Living Laboratory,” showcasing, promoting, and investing in new technology and innovative solutions to environmental and ecological challenges The futuristic EcoPlex will accelerate the transformation of building techniques by bringing 2050 construction technology to today, with revolutionary building systems and techniques generating and storing all of its own power, recycling all of its own wastes, and managing its own water supplies. By incorporating innovations into its grounds, construction, and exhibits, visitors will be able to view commercially practical, green technology in action. The EcoPlex will accelerate and usher in a powerful, sustainable future by taking leaps in technology and showcase how innovation will be thoroughly incorporated into tomorrow’s society 1. EcoAccelerator: Center for Innovation and Applied Solutions™ Identify, evaluate, invest, and showcase innovations with commercial applicability. Attract industry and entrepreneurs to co-locate with those sharing the goals of transforming our industry and environment. EcoPlex will also invest in innovations, showcase, and help market them. 2. EcoCollaborator: Earth EpiCenter™ Create an office complex where industry, environmental organizations, and scientists can physically work together and collaborate, sharing information, achieving practical solutions, and implementing win/win outcomes. 3. EcoSandbox: National Environmental Museum™ Build the nation’s first-ever museum dedicated exclusively to the environment, providing experiential learning – seeing, feeling, hearing, and touching. Exhibits to help visitors become aware of our environmental challenges and, more importantly, what we can all do to solve them and live, work, and play in a sustainable world. 4. EcoSecurator: Center for Global Resilience™ Focus on two main missions: First, end the undergoing 6 th Mass Species Extinction. Second, make our society more resilient to climate change, solar storms, extreme weather, vector borne diseases, supergerms, and other ecological, environmental, and other existential threats. 5. EcoSustainer: EcoLeaders Institute™ Advance promising young talent into leadership positions within the sustainability community, Advisory Council, and Board of Directors. Develop opportunities international exchange. Copyright 2021 EcoPlex