Earth, it’s our one and only home!
We have an obligation to care for it.
Setting a New Standard for Sustainability
“Imagine a futuristic 'living laboratory' that showcases, promotes, and invests in new technology and innovative solutions to environmental and ecological challenges.” – Texas Innovators
Poor land management, soil degradation, and desertification yields up to twelve times more CO2 released into the atmosphere than by the burning of fossil fuels.

Why EcoPlex?

Turning climate risks into climate opportunities.

Global resilience. It is the greatest challenge mankind will ever face. Somehow, we must turn the tide of the ongoing damages caused by a century old industrial revolution. We need to take dynamic action so that we can heal, save, and restore the only home we will ever have, Earth.

In 2016, a group of civic, business and thought leaders began dreaming of developing a complex where mankind can systematically and collaboratively tackle these challenges. These business and community leaders all share a common concern for our home – Earth. Collectively they believe that too many organizations are operating in silos, that tremendous inefficiencies exist, that America is falling behind in technology, that our government cannot provide reliable leadership, that practical education is needed, and too much conflicting information exists. EcoPlex seeks to change that.

With your help we will: 

  1. PROMOTE the work that NGOs and corporations are doing to preserve our ecology.
  2. INVEST in innovations with commercial utility and good for the earth.
  3. COLLABORATE by uniting industry, NGOs, and scientists. 
  4. DEPOLITICIZE by moving the resolution of these issues out of Washington, D.C.
  5. ACCELERATE transformation that supports our national security.
  6. DEMOCRATIZE governance by including all stakeholders, including the youthit is their future.”

If an innovation is not good for people, industry, and the environment, it is not sustainable

The InterNational Environmental Complex

EcoPlex, will be home to a community of leaders made up of scientists, researchers, established businesses and entrepreneurs. Together they will connect to the global sustainability community and set a new standard for solving these life-threatening planetary problems. Committed to a culture of collaboration, the entire complex will be designed and built so that it can easily connect in real time with the global sustainable community.

EcoPlex will have world-class research labs, collaborative workspaces where science and industry can meet and develop ecologically safe products, and meeting spaces where global leaders can meet. The showpiece of the facility will be the National Environmental Museum™, America’s first-ever museum dedicated exclusively to the environment. The museum will house dynamic exhibits designed to help visitors learn about environmental challenges and, more importantly, what we can all do to solve them.

“EcoPlex will be home to a community of leaders made up of scientists, researchers, established businesses, and entrepreneurs.”

–Texas Innovators