EcoPlex was founded by a group of dedicated thought leaders, who share a common vision of developing a futuristic complex where humankind can holistically and collaboratively tackle the daunting economic, ecological, and technological challenges that we face with a global impacts. These business and community leaders all share a practical concern in our future generations ability to enjoy our home – Earth.

“[This] would become a center for innovation, while promoting societal and economic resiliency, and de-politicizing sustainability.”

–Green Source DFW

Advisory Council Members:

Michael Bennett, Architect & Consultant, Bennett Partners

Joni Carswell, Executive Director, Texan by Nature

John W. Maloney, President, Maloney Strategic Communications

Linda Pavlik, Pavlik & Associates, and Pres., Women in the Environment

Maria-Teresa Velasco, ret’d, Discovery Networks Latin America

Elizabeth Waddill, Founder, Ederan Foundation, & Chair, National Parks Conservation Assn.

Andrew Walker, Executive Director, Amon Carter Museum

Paul Carroll, Strategic Advisor

In Memoriam:

John Howard, Founding Trustee


#1 My family and I recycle our trash, so we are doing all we can, right?

Did you know that 70% of waste in the U.S. is recyclable? Sadly, estimates are that only 5% of our wastes are actually recycled. Plus, many wastes not considered recyclable are compostable! Coffee grounds make an excellent fertilizer.

#2 Will planting more trees save the earth?

In 2018, the world emitted an estimated 37 billion tons of carbon dioxide. We need an additional five billion grown trees to counteract just the current carbon dioxide production. With eight billion people in the world. We need to each add a net gain of five trees. Good luck….

#3 Are Fossil fuels the cause of global warming?

The correct answer may be that people are the cause of global warming. Moreover, as much as we like to blame the fossil fuel industry, soil degradation puts up to 12X the amount of CO2 into the atmosphere. This means that the answer is more complex, and requires more holistic action.